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Vista Home Health Services, Inc.

Our Services

Our Professional Staff

Skilled Nursing:

Our trained Nursing professionals provide administration of:

  • IV medication, hydration
  • TPN, IVIG's
  • Tube feeding
  • Wound care, wound vac
  • Ostomy Care, Foley/Suprapubic Catheter care
  • Diabetic teaching and Insulin injections
  • Laboratory draw, blood culture, culture and sensitivity tests
  • Post Surgical Care
  • Assisting you in management of the disease process and
  • communicating your care and needs with the physician.

Skilled Home Rehabilitation:

Highly trained, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapist will come to the home for whatever duration and frequency as necessary as long as there is a Medical Necessity and Physician Order

  • Physical Therapy- aimed toward the development and restoration of muscle and joint function.
  • Occupational Therapy- aimed to regain skills necessary forself-care, i.e. dressing and grooming.
  • Speech Therapy- aimed to assist patients with impaired communications, swallowing problems, or to learn alternative ways to express their needs and feeling.
  • Social Services- aimed to help locate financial resources and community assistance such as home meal delivery or support groups.
  • Home Health Aide- Caring and trained certified home health aide will assist and provide bathing, grooming, incontinence care, light housekeeping and activities of daily living assistance.