Maximizing Your Gains with Turinabol

Maximizing Your Gains with Turinabol


Turinabol has the potential to be classified as an anabolic steroid on the market.

If you do a little research on the internet, you could discover that Turinabol is frequently utilized by athletes, weightlifters, and bodybuilders. Anabolic steroids have the potential to aid in the development of muscle and the improvement of sports performance.

The quick increase in muscle growth and strength that the substance produces has helped it to earn widespread acceptance. It has the potential to boost your endurance while also increasing your workout output.

It may also aid in the reduction of edema, weariness, and injury to muscular tissues, which may be beneficial while exercising constantly for lengthy periods of time (e.g., marathons).

It was also utilized in the treatment of Osteoporosis, however, it was subsequently withdrawn off the market.

According to those who believe in Turinabol, one of the compound’s noteworthy properties is that it may boost the metabolic rate of cells during aerobic activity, consequently raising the amounts of free radicals in the bloodstream.

A metabolic switch, in the same way as a hormonal switch, might result in the oxidation of fatty acids, which would then result in the elimination of excess fat from the body and the aiding of total fat burning.

Despite the fact that the substance has not been authorized by the FDA, individuals continue to attempt to get it from black markets and internet sources, despite the fact that the organization has issued a notice advising people against using it.

This anabolic steroid is also placed on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Prohibition List since it has been discovered that athletes are taking it to gain an unfair advantage over their competition. Athletes that tested positive were barred from competing.

Results of Turinabol

Results of Turinabol

Beginning steroid users may find it useful as a bulking agent, allowing them to acquire 15lbs or more of lean muscle mass; however, comparable increases in hypertrophy are unlikely to occur among seasoned steroid users.

Turinabol does not provide remarkable results in terms of mass growth, and its anabolic grade is just 54, making it unsuitable for those seeking exceptional results. Consequently, if the aim is solely physical size, Testosterone, Anadrol, Trenbolone, and Dianabol are more effective chemicals to use.

Turinabol, according to Dr. Thomas O’Connor, may be more potent than Anavar, but less potent than Winstrol when it comes to its effects on body composition.

It will take many weeks for Turinabol to provide noticeable results. It has a half-life of 16 hours. This is roughly 50% longer than the time required by Winstrol and doubles the time required by Anavar.

As a consequence, Turinabol is not an oral steroid that reaches a fast peak in the circulation and leads to rapid muscle gains/fat loss, necessitating longer cycles for the drug to accumulate in a user’s system before it can be used.

Turinabol has also been shown to provide significant strength improvements, with a 1973 study saying that a dosage of 10mg/day supplied to a female shot put athlete resulted in a 2-meter increase in throwing distance after just 11 weeks.

How Turinabol works

Turinabol has an impact on the body that is comparable to that of other anabolic steroids. It has the potential to increase the development of muscular tissues in the body by increasing testosterone production in the body.

In addition to helping you gain inches in your muscles and bulk them up, the higher quantity of testosterone in your blood may also make you seem more powerful and bulkier overall.

It is possible that the abilities of Turinabol will motivate bodybuilders to utilize this substance to enhance lean muscle mass, amp up their training sessions, and boost their exercise output as a result of these characteristics.

This product has the potential to increase your body’s strength and stamina, allowing you to push yourself to new heights. The fact that you are doing this may also aid you to increase your endurance abilities.

Following a strenuous exercise, the use of Turinabol may result in a decrease in the healing period of injured tissues as well as the production of new tissues more quickly than without it.

It may also help to lessen the likelihood of injuries, cramping, and exhaustion by strengthening your muscles, bones, and joints, among other things. As a result, you may engage in strenuous activity without feeling concerned.

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Turinabol side effects and reactions

Turinabol side effects and reactions

Hair loss, acne, rashes, mood swings, sleep deprivation, decreased libido owing to low T count, and other negative effects of anabolic steroids such as Turinabol are all frequent side effects of the drug. Sometimes they get more severe and begin to harm the body’s important organs as well.

It is possible for anabolic steroids to remain in the body for a few days to a year or more, causing lasting harm to the body and health.

Turinabol had an influence on my body not just while I was taking a substantial dose, but also when I was taking a low dosage. It had a negative impact on my health in a variety of ways, which I will detail below.

Damage to the liver

My liver had been harmed, according to the results of my tests, as a result of my Turinabol use. I am still taking medicine and making progress toward recovery.

Hypertension is a condition in which the blood pressure is elevated.

I had a jump in my blood pressure even after I stopped using Turinabol, according to my doctor. He urged me to engage in certain activities to keep it in good condition and avoid spiking.


As early as the third or fourth week of my first cycle, while I was on a low dose, I started experiencing this symptom. Throughout the course of the modest dose and after quitting the intake, I had a number of vomiting episodes.

Rush of blood to the head

I assumed that a rush of blood to the brain was a normal side effect of long hours of exercise, but I passed out because the final one was so powerful. I also had dizziness, which was generally accompanied by blurred vision.

Constant exhaustion

Because I felt like I was running on fumes from time to time, I avoided coming to the gym on occasion. I was under the impression that it was caused by a lack of sleep, but it was really my low T count that was the culprit.

Testosterone that has been suppressed

My doctor was also concerned about my low testosterone levels, which he expressed to me. He speculated that Turinabol was responsible for the decrease, which resulted in elevated blood pressure, fatigue, and other side effects.

Other side effects

Other side effects


Toxicity to the liver

HDL cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol)

Testosterone suppression


Despite the fact that Turinabol has a 0 androgen rating, it has the potential to create virilization effects in female athletes.

Such masculinization was on display at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, when the East German swimmers stood out for their extraordinarily wide shoulders and deeper sounding voices, among other characteristics.

One probable explanation for why such side effects became apparent 10 years after the athletes first began using Turinabol is that the doses were steadily raised each year, as was the case in the past.

In addition, from the early 1970s, many female athletes have begun to use virilizing drugs such as testosterone esters and Nandrolone, which have become more popular (Deca Durabolin).

As a result of the fact that these extra chemicals were injectables at this point, several athletes declined to get such therapy (a less subtle form of administration versus orals).

Because the East German athletes were using other steroids at the same time as Turinabol and because there has been little medical study undertaken on Turinabol, it is impossible to determine how effective Turinabol is at generating masculinization in women.

However, based on the undetectable (invisible) side effects seen during the first few years of usage, it is plausible to infer that it is typically well-tolerated among females when administered in low doses.

Toxicity to the Liver

Turinabol causes an increase in liver stress enzyme indicators such as AST (aspartate aminotransferase) and ALT (alanine aminotransferase), which is related to the fact that it is a c-17 alpha-alkylated steroid and hence travels through the liver.

Turinabol’s hepatotoxicity is only considered modest by some bodybuilders owing to the fact that it is a substance that is normally well tolerated.

This may be true; nevertheless, users should not get complacent and continue to take turinabol for an extended period of time (more than 8 weeks), since liver failure and jaundice are probable side effects.

Dr. Thomas O’Connor had a patient who ran Turinabol on its own for around 1-2 years, thinking it to be safe since it was commonly recommended to East German sportsmen in the 1960s and 1970s, according to Dr. Thomas O’Connor. Eventually, this patient developed peliosis hepatis, a dangerous vascular disorder characterized by the accumulation of blood-filled cysts on the liver.

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This guy was in need of surgery, and physicians were able to safely remove portions of his liver, which greatly aided his rehabilitation.

HDL cholesterol

Turinabol will cause a drop in high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels, which will result in a mild-to-moderate increase in blood pressure.

This negative impact on blood lipids is usual when taking any anabolic steroid; however, oral steroids are more likely to induce cardiovascular strain because they stimulate the hepatic lipase enzyme in the liver, which causes more cardiovascular strain (causing greater fluctuations in cholesterol).

Those who already have high blood pressure or who have a family history of heart disease should avoid using anabolic steroids in general.

Users of Turinabol are advised to engage in regular cardio exercise and supplement with 4 grams of fish oil per day (for the duration of the cycle) to reduce the risk of developing hypertension. This is due to fish oil’s ability to improve endothelial function and reduce plaque build-up in the arteries.

Testosterone suppression

In all cases, anabolic drugs raise exogenous testosterone levels while simultaneously decreasing endogenous (natural) testosterone levels.

A steroid’s potency, as well as the amounts taken, may have a significant impact on the severity of HPG (hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal) axis shut down symptoms.

While using Turinabol on its own, it will induce a slight decrease in natural testosterone production, similar to that caused by Anavar; however, if used in combination with other steroids, this suppression will be amplified much more.

Users may choose to utilize a PCT (post-cycle treatment) in order to speed up the recovery of endogenous testosterone levels (post-cycle therapy).

It has been shown that SERMs such as Clomiphene (Clomid) and Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) may effectively restore testosterone levels in men who have had their levels depleted.

Bodybuilders often take 30mg of Nolvadex per day or/and 100mg of Clomid per day, with a post-contest period lasting around 30 days after the competition.

Depending on whether or not a Turinabol-only cycle is conducted, just one SERM may be required post-cycle.

However, if Turinabol is used in conjunction with other suppressive anabolics, it is possible to take two SERMs at the same time.

Some users may choose to use hCG in their PCT regimen in order to take a more aggressive approach (with 2,000 IU of hCG administered every other day for 20 days).

What you need to know about Turinabol

1 – Turinabol will result in dry lean muscular gains

Some believe Turinabol’s lack of ability to create a significant amount of muscle growth is one of the reasons for its lack of popularity compared to some of its oral AAS contemporaries.

The majority of people who take kick-starter chemicals such as Dianabol get so used to packing on 10-12 lbs. of muscle in the first few days that they find everything else to be a disappointment. Most of it would be water and glycogen, which they would have lost anyhow.

Turinabol will also help you to feel fuller. You will not, however, be a puddle of water or a bloated mess.

In order to remain undetected while still gaining a significant amount of lean, dry muscle mass, Turinabol is the ideal supplement to use as an initial kick starter.

A proper diet, heavy lifting, and a Test foundation should allow you to grow at least 10-15 pounds of lean, dry muscle by the time your Turinabol cycle is through.

2 – Your rate of recuperation increases, your strength increases, and your overall performance improve. Turinabol was the anabolic drug of choice for the German doping machine for two reasons: it was effective and it was inexpensive.

It does not result in a significant increase in muscle mass.

Athletes who are already slim and muscular were able to acquire 8-10 lbs. of lean muscle at the most since they would run it alone, rather than with Testosterone, in order to avoid being detected by the lab. A respectable amount of muscle may be gained by an international athlete throughout the peak training season, according to the data.

It has a multiplier effect on all other aspects of performance.

During the first few weeks, you will notice a significant increase in your strength. If you are a fitness enthusiast who has at a plateau and notices that the weights are not moving as much as they used to, try adding some TBol to your routine and watching the magic happen. The same goes for folks who lift while taking TRT. If you find yourself lacking in the drive to lose significant amounts of weight, TBol is the solution.

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Your pace of recuperation accelerates dramatically. The ability to work out continuously without becoming fatigued or injured will become apparent to you as time goes on. In addition, you will be taking fewer rest days, which when paired with other injectable drugs should enable you to achieve significant increases. When it comes to athletes, one of the most compelling reasons to use TBol is to improve performance. If you are a non-competitive athlete or are participating in any kind of sport, this will provide you with the competitive advantage that you have always desired and needed.

3 – Get ready for some insane pumps.

The chemical TBol is excellent if you want to get a more “Swole” appearance in the gym, which is something many people want.

The pumps will be absolutely ridiculous during the first few days of utilizing the steroid, as the water and glycogen levels will skyrocket.

However, due to the fact that it does not aromatize like Dianabol or even Anadrol, the pumps will be accompanied by insane vascularity.

Turinabol has a number of distinguishing characteristics, one of which is this.

While it does cause you to be pumped with a significant volume of water, you will never seem bloated as a result of it.

As a result, you will discover a network of veins running throughout your body. You have been wanting that movie star’s veined bicep?

You have just discovered the ideal compound for the job.

Tip: Many users avoid using Turinabol on days when they are working out their lower body because they believe it would produce terrible calf cramps. We have not had any firsthand experience with it. However, if you do, you may want to consider running your TBol dosage in the morning on days when you hit the legs in the evening, or the other way around, depending on your schedule.

4 – It will put a strain on your liver.

We despise it when individuals mislead others into believing rumors about compounds without actually testing them out for themselves.

Numerous messages on message boards claim that Turinabol is a weak or light oral steroid. This is not the case.

Weak – a shoddy product.

Mild does not imply insignificantly.

It will put a strain on your liver, and the first indication of this will be lethargy, which will normally appear around weeks 3-4 of your cycle.

Do yourself a favor and begin running TUDCA from the very beginning of the cycle. This will assist to mitigate the hepatotoxic effects of Turinabol, which are, to be honest, rather modest in nature.

However, if you do not have TUDCA, it might make you feel so lethargic that you will have to drag yourself to the gym to do some exercise.

5 – It will increase the effectiveness of other anabolic steroids.

TBol has all of the characteristics associated with anabolic steroids, such as the ability to increase nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. However, it truly excels when it comes to lowering the levels of SHBG.

This enables more free testosterone to float about in your system, which may then be used to build muscle.

As a result, it must always be used in conjunction with an injectable steroid basis.

6 – Do not exceed a 6-week period with it.

Dosage and duration of the turinabol cycle

Approximately at this point, the outcomes begin to plateau and the potential of liver damage becomes a genuine concern. As a result, do not use Turinabol for more than six weeks.

Given that it has such a short half-life, you may divide your dosage into two doses each day.

7 – Monitor your blood pressure during the period.

Turinabol is not used by certain persons because it has the potential to cause their blood pressure to surge to dangerously high levels. Despite using moderate amounts of medication, some persons have severe nosebleeds2 and palpitations3.

If this is your first time taking an oral steroid, we urge that you keep your blood pressure under continual observation during your Turinabol cycle.

8 – It is not going to cause Gyno.

Turinabol does not have an aromatizing effect. It also does not possess a progestin-like character, which implies that it cannot produce Gynecomastia on its own. However, you will be using it in conjunction with Testosterone (ideally), which implies that the danger of Gyno is there.